Hello From CCMP

CCMP specialises in the delivery of customised abrasive blasting processes, industrial spray painting and protective metal coating solutions to renew and protect a wide range of industrial and domestic steel structures and products.

Benefit from our world-class facilities (the largest on the east Coast), more than 30 years’ experience and in-house transportation fleet (for convenient pick-up and delivery) that together ensure your project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.

Our expert sand (abrasive) blasting and protective metal coating procedures rejuvenate, reduce wear and tear and block corrosion/rust to maximise the strength and durability of your steel.  The bottom line result is fewer problems, increased longevity and lower material costs.

Proud to be an Australian owned and operated company, CCMP looks after the total corrosion control needs of a range of industries nationally, including mining, construction, manufacturing, government, power, water and transport. We also look after all your domestic steel rejuvenation and corrosion control needs, from car chassis and parts to boats, bikes, trailers and more.

Our services

At CCMP, we are driven to provide exceptional results through our range of specialised services and value added extras designed to cater to any industrial or domestic steel corrosion control need.

Quality end-to-end service for total corrosion control since 1978

CCMP is widely recognised as the leading Australian company for expert total steel corrosion control. We are the only sand (abrasive) blasting, industrial spray painting and metal protection company to offer a high quality end-to-end service that includes:

  • Collection, in-house job completion to your exact specifications and delivery back to your site,
  • A mobile onsite service, meaning we can come to you if your steel structure is unable to be transported.

No job too big, too small or too complex

At CCMP, we customise and provide the right abrasive blasting and protective metal coating solution to suit your specific steel corrosion control needs - no matter how big, small or complex the job.

Our extensive industrial complex and facilities on the NSW Central Coast (80km north of Sydney and 86km south of Newcastle), state-of-the-art equipment and transportation fleet give us the capacity and flexibility to handle a range of job types and sizes (from simple to complex and everything in between). 

From the total corrosion control of large-scale heavy industrial steel structures to rust protection and rejuvenation of domestic steel products such as car parts, trailers and bikes, we have the experience and the facilities to handle your job quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Committed to our people, our customers and the planet

At CCMP we take the safety and satisfaction of staff and customers very seriously. Our culture of excellence, innovation and professionalism is your assurance of a job well done, on time every time.

We are equally serious about protecting and preserving the environment. Our operations and facilities are designed to comply with and enhance sustainable work practices to deliver exceptional results while minimising impact on the environment.

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