Central Coast Metal Protectives’ facilities are among the best in our field on a national scale.  Based on the NSW Central Coast, 80km north of Sydney and 86km south of Newcastle, our industrial complex occupies 3.5 acres of industrial land consisting of:

  • 6,000 square metres of yard area used for our in-house transportation fleet, wash bay, storage and loading/offloading area.

Our extensive facilities enable us to handle abrasive blasting, industrial spray painting and protective metal coating jobs of all sizes and complexity levels, from domestic jobs like car parts, bikes and trailers to large scale industrial steel structures used for construction, silos, factory plant equipment, mining ventilation chutes and much more.

Furthermore, our transport fleet mean huge time and money savings to you as we can:

Central Coast Metal Protectives’ Workshops

Each of our two purpose-built abrasive blasting, industrial spray painting and protective metal coating workshops are equipped with:

  • Abrasive blasting chambers for sand and other abrasive material recovery and dust collection.
  • Trolley on a rail system for smooth transition of steel structures and products from:
    • Yard to blast room
    • Blast room to paint shop
    • Paint shop back to yard
    • Yard back to your premises, courtesy of our transportation fleet.
  • Overhead cranes to assist with manoeuvrability before, during and after the industrial spray painting process.
  • Three 500CFM compressors delivering compressed air to the abrasive blasting chambers and industrial spray painting equipment.
  • Conventional and airless industrial spray painting equipment.
  • Mobile crane for manoeuvrability of large, heavy structures in the yard.
  • 4 forklifts of differing SWLS.
  • Fully enclosed spray booth for smaller, delicate spray painting jobs.
  • Hot metal spray for aluminium and zinc.
  • A host of world class technical equipment to measure ambient conditions, Dry Film Thickness (DFT) surface profile, adhesion and hardness.

Workshop 1

  • 15m x 5m x 5m high blasting chamber
  • 120m long trolley on a rail system
  • Two overhead cranes – (6 tonne SWL and 3 tonne SWL)
  • Undercover paint shop

Workshop 2

  • 12m x 6m x 6m high blasting chamber
  • 200m long trolley on a rail system
  • Two 10 tonne Demag overhead cranes
  • Undercover paint shop


Mobile service

Our mobile compressor, abrasive blasting and industrial spray painting equipment allow us to offer a complete mobile onsite service for jobs that require us to come to you.

Transport fleet

Central Coast Metal Protectives owns and operates a transport fleet consisting of trucks ranging in size to cater for the collection and delivery of steel manufactured products and structures of all sizes.

  • A 7 tonne rigid table top truck for smaller jobs
  • Two Volvo Prime Movers with interchangeable trailers:
  • 15 tonne extendable trailer
  • 18 tonne extendable trailer
  • 20 tonne tri-axle trailer

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