Hot Metal Spray Coatings

thermal arc spray sydney

Hot Metal Spray or Thermal Arc Spray or Metallising provides a superior quality finish with greater performance than painting or hot dipped galvanising. 

It is a process where zinc, aluminum, zinc85/aluminium15 or other alloys are sprayed onto a substrate, providing a highly protective coating or even as a desired architectural finish.

Coatings can be applied to not just metals but plastics, ceramics, concrete surfaces and a range of other substrates.

How does hot metal spray work?

Two metal wires consisting of the coating material are melted by an electric arc in the gun and sprayed using compressed air onto the substrate. These particles are propelled onto the substrate solidifying into a highly protective coating. The coating can be a pure metal such as Zinc or Alumimium or an alloy of metals such as Zinc/Aluminium. It forms a mechanical bond to the substrate creating high adhesion coating. The formed metallic coating protects the steel from corrosion by both barrier and sacrificial coating.

What are the benefits?

thermal arc spray sydney

Hot metal spray, available in Sydney, provides long-term corrosion protection to steel structures exposed to aggressive environments which can exceed the durability of the coating as determined under AS2312.2002 .

(A new Australian Standard AS2312.3 dedicated solely to Thermally Sprayed Metallic Coating is pending release)

  • Major Increases in longevity and protection from wear and corrosion damage. Outperforms Painting and Hot dipped Galvanising under ASTM B117 testing.
  • Coating has high heat resistance.
  • Coating can be applied without distorting the metal. Substrate material seldom reaches 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Slip Resistant finish that meets requirements of AS/NZS 4586.
  • Unlimited Application Size.
  • Control of Coating Thickness. Thickness can be increased for increased protection.
  • At minimum equivalent in Durabability under AS2312.2002 to Hot Dipped Galvanising and Superior when increased thickness or Zinc / Aluminium alloy or Aluminium coating is specified.
  • Paintability and Finish. Paint can be applied immediately over metal sprayed finish to provide a high level finish with extremely long corrosion resistance.
  • Paint Warranty over Metal Sprayed Coatings is easily obtained.
  • Metal Spray Coatings are solvent and VOC free.
  • Low Energy Consumption and minimal Waste by products compared to Hot Dipped Galvanising.

What types of material can be hot zinc sprayed?

Any type of steel or concrete structure, product, component or part can undergo the process of hot metal spray in Sydney and wider NSW. Some examples:

  • Bridge girders
  • Structures prone to distortion by galvanising process
  • Steel structures in Marine or Industrial Environments
  • Balustrading
  • Sculptures
  • Steel Structures requiring exceptional Corrosion resistance
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle trafficable steel walkways requiring non-slip
  • Distortion free Chequer plate flooring in external environments
  • Marine Vessels
  • Boat trailers
  • Car and truck components
  • Fireboxes

Why choose CCMP for thermal arc spray?

As the largest and most well equipped total corrosion control service provider in Sydney and on the east coast of Australia, we have the facilities and equipment to:

    • CCMP have just invested in the latest high output thermal arc spray machine ideal for large and small surface areas 
    • Collect your steel structure or product on one of our fleet of trucks and prime movers
    • Prepare the surfaces for; 

    in Sydney, Newcastle and wider NSW in-house and in accordance with your specifications, and

    • Deliver your renewed and protected steel structure or product back to you
    • Service any project (industrial or domestic), no matter how big, small or complex.

Contact us now for an obligation free quote and consultation to establish the best abrasive blasting/sandblasting in Sydney, Newcastle and wider NSW – as well as a protective metal coating solution to suit your needs.

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